Fishin’ For Trouble

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“Fishin’ for Trouble” A Whale of a Fatal Tale!
An Audience-Participation Murder Mystery-Comedy By Tony Schwartz & Marylou Ambrose
PG 13 for adult humor/situations

Welcome to the annual gala fundraiser for the International Feed the Whales Foundation! Tonight you’ll meet former TV star Sally Crouthers, head of the Foundation; her husband Peter St. Croix, CEO of Pirate Pete’s Frozen Fish Sticks; Countess Stella de Marina, the chief benefactor; Capt. Dick Rudder, owner of the official Feed the Whales boat; and Dr. Myrna Fluke, famous whaleologist. You’ll also be treated to some music and dancing. But wait! Are deadly undercurrents lurking beneath the festive atmosphere? Keep your eyes and ears open, because someone will meet their demise tonight–and it’s up to you to solve the crime!

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Doomsday Murder Mystery

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Several strangers from various walks of life find themselves trapped in an underground bunker during what could well be the apocalypse. While touring an old missile silo turned luxury bomb shelter, a group of prospective buyers and a real estate agent are locked in by the bunker’s automatic security system. Filled with paranoid characters (a conspiracy theorist, a survivalist, an aging hippie couple, a pathophobe, and someone who has seen too many zombie movies), get ready for doomsday. Are you prepared for murder?

Dinner, Dessert, and at least one Murder!

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