Waking Dead

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Barbara and Ben are trapped in an old farmhouse when the dead awaken from their eternal slumber to feast upon the brains of the living.  Fighting tooth and nail to survive, the duo are about to give up when Deputy Rick Stymes and his son, Carl show up to help.  During the night, several familiar faces stop by the farmhouse as well a horde of the undead.  Can our heroes survive the zombies?  Can they survive each other?  Find out this October when the Blue Moon is invaded by The Waking Dead!

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Murder Off The Grid

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The Blue Moon Dinner Theatre in Downtown Johnson City is proud to present an original Murder Mystery by Clayton Van Huss that spoofs Preppers, Hippies, Politicians and of course doomsday bunkers!!

Murder Off the Grid; Prepare for Doomsday, takes place in a state of the art doomsday bunker that is up for sale. We get to witness the deception that goes on as everyone tries to get their hand on the deed.  Several strangers from various walks of life find themselves trapped in an underground bunker during what could well be the apocalypse. While touring an old missile silo turned luxury bomb shelter, a group of prospective buyers  are locked in by the bunker’s automatic security system. Filled with paranoid characters, you will have to pay attention and get ready for doomsday
Keep your eyes and ears open because someone will meet an untimely death tonight, and it’s up to the audience to solve the crime! Prizes will be awarded to the first people who correctly guess the murder and motive.
The curtain rises on  September 19th  and has a limited run of 3 weekends!
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