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**Comedy** Mix two TV cooks who are arch enemies and stand back. When Dolly and her nemesis, Isobel, get cast in the same cable access cooking show, trouble starts brewing as these kitchen witches cook up a storm! If you can’t stand the laughter, get out of the kitchen

**INTERACTIVE MURDER MYSTERY** March 9 – 17 IRISH EYES MURDERS It is St. Patrick’s Day at a friendly, family Irish Pub. To celebrate, a festive karaoke party is in full swing. Lots of laughs and wonderful Irish songs signal a high time. But all is not as it would appear. Suddenly, there is a scream……. and the burned-out local hero is dead. But why? And who is responsible? Is it the flirtatious hussy, the wealthy pub-owner, the way-too-happy karaoke singer, or perhaps the sweet young barmaid? It’s all makes for an evening of darkly hysterical highjinks. Rights Pending
**Comedy** By Neil Simon By special arrangement with Samuel French Felix is a compulsive neat freak who prefers the taste and value of his own home cooked meals. Oscar is a roguish slob who lives large and can’t manage to save a penny. When Felix’s wife kicks him out, the recently divorced Oscar proposes that Felix move in with him. The weekly poker game will never be the same. Join Speed, Vinnie, Roy, Murray, the Pigeon sisters and this delightfully odd couple in Neil Simon’s comic classic.

**MURDER MYSTERY** MURDER AT THE TONYLOU AWARDS April 20-28 It’s the biggest event of the year! A star-studded night, featuring the most famous stars and studs from Broadway. There’s no telling what an actor might do to win this coveted award! You’ll meet some of the biggest names in the industry, including Celia B. DeMilo, CEO of PMS Studios, searching for her next big star; Monty Carlo, Latin superstar trying to break into the American market; Tony Hardcastle, your host for the evening; and the unforgettable (and always inebriated) Lorna Lush, has-been actress and a fixture at every awards show. But all is not as it seems. Behind the scenes, there’s plenty of jealousy, greed, and good old fashioned backstabbing going on.

**COMEDY/DRAMA** Playing May 4-June 2 First Baptist of Ivy Gap by Ron Osborne Six women of the Ivy Gap (Tennessee’ First Baptist Church gather during the waning days of WWII to prepare surgical bandages for the Red Cross. While performing their duties, they share secrets, aspirations and dreams as they plan the church’s 75th anniversary. Twenty-five years later, it’s the Viet Nam War and church’s centennial as the “First Baptist 6″ reunite to discover that the love they share can overcome the most difficult problems. Winner of multiple playwriting awards. Rights Pending

**COMEDY** June 15 – July 14 The Blue Moon takes another trip back to the town of Tuna Texas.There’s a lot of gossip that needs to be put right. Is the romance between Bertha and Arles sparkling? Will the Smut Snatchers take on the political correctness of the hymns being sung over at the First Methodist Church? And just wait until you see who wins this year’s “Tuna Reunion Queen Contest!” Rights Pending

**Murder Mystery** July 20-28 Join Sam Club, private eye, his mother Wilimena (“Billy”) Club, Minnie Cooper, Cornelia Bellweather and host of other zany characters as the action takes place at a resort, where a senior group stops for the night after attending the famous Road Kill Falls Annual Barbeque. But this murder mystery has a different twist. Instead of having someone die at the end, we bring in the dead body right in the beginning. “Then the audience watches for clues and tries to guess who killed poor Harry, the group leader. Every cast member is a suspect, including Sam Club himself. Although he’s on vacation, Sam is talked into solving the crime, and goes about it in his usual bumbling fashion.

**Comedy/Farce** by Michael Parker Aug 3-Sept 1 Rich Edward Stancliffe’s heirs have gathered for the reading of his will, which will bequeath the huge estate and a thermos full of a mysterious South American Love Potion. When a rainstorm floods the nearby creek and forces the guests to stay overnight in the mansion, they secretly test the love potion, which results in hilarious hi-jinks and multiple embraces. But are all the embraces due to the love potion? Rights Pending

**Comedy/Horror** Sept 21 – Oct 13 Maul Of The Dead It’s 1978 and zombies in polyester walk the earth. A pair of SWAT officers take refuge with a perfume counter girl in a zombie-infested shopping mall. Hiding out in JC Penney’s, they’re soon joined by a TV weather girl, her traffic reporter beau, and a suburban punk chick who is still in love with the boy from the record store now a zombie! As ravenous hoards attack the frail security gate separating the living from the walking dead, the survivors make a desperate bid for weapons and supplies, eventually forming a makeshift family amidst the consumer trappings of the 1970s. But paradise is short-lived as betrayal, false identities and infection from a zombie bite threaten the belief that “there’s got to be a morning after.” Danger lurks behind every mannequin in a play that blends horror, satire and melodrama with punk rock and disco music into “a whirlwind of zombie mayhem.” (Kansas City Star) Rights Pending

**RADIO PLAY/DRAMA** DRACULA Oct 19 – Nov 3 Come listen to the tale of Dracula as read by a cast of actors intended for a radio broadcast. Let us help you imagine the story of this famous vampire. adapted for the stage by Christmas Story author Phillip Grecian. Rights Pending


*Denotes an Audience-Interactive Murder Mystery


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